Our mission

Develop 100% electric collection vehicles to lower their environmental footprint by reducing fuel usage, GHG emissions and eliminating hydraulic spills.

Bovin Évolution

Claude Boivin

An experienced founder

  • 40 years of experience in the refuse truck industries

  • Former owner of one of the largest equipment manufacturer who grew by innovations:

  • 1985, first unitized drop-frame side loader;

  • 1986, first high-recycling body;

  • 1987, first “patented” over-the-top loading recycling body;

  • 1992, first over- the-top “patented” recycling body with compaction;

  • 1994, first deep-hopper high swept volume drop-frame side loader;

  • 1996, first automated drop-frame side loader, enabling manual and automated loading of bins all operations at idle speed;

  • 1996, first drop-frame side loader dual compartments;

  • 2000, first high productivity straight-frame automated, single and dual compartments;

  • 2003, launching of a new line of front-end loader;

  • 2006, improving the side loaders line;

  • 2008, enhancing the front-end loader weight distribution with innovative design and material

  • And more to come.

Our team

Claude Boivin



Frédéric Proulx, eng

Vice-President - Operation


Gilles Boivin

Finance Director


Martin Mailloux, eng

Engineering Director


Jérémy Marcoux

Intern in mechanical engineering


Bruno Larose



Bovin Évolution